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Telephone:  +353 1 5290104
Fax:             +353 1 4430610
Mobile:        +353 87 2633035
E-mail:       info@windworks.ie
Address: 72 Beech Park, Lucan, Dublin

Telephone:  +44 203 1514104
Fax:             +44 203 3690610
E-mail:    london@windworks.ie

Telephone:  +44 1224 516 086
Fax:             +44 1224 516 096
E-mail: Aberdeen@windworks.ie

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Duct Proving and Rope Blowing

Experience in blowing ropes, cleaning ducts and proving with the latest techniques and equipment. A full computerised report with loads, speed and distance will be provided. Road side printouts from data logging winches. Tracking available in real time.

Distances of over 1000mts easily achieved in good conditions. All equipment used approved for use by NIE & ESB with large quantities of 10kv, 20kv, 33kv, 38kv, 110kv & 220kv ducts proved countrywide.

Crews can be tasked on a metre basis or day rates. Supply of rope either new or used. Large quantities always in stock. Typically 100kms of 12mm.

Windworks is a registered trade name of Powell Management & Engineering Services Ltd.