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Telephone:  +353 1 5290104
Fax:             +353 1 4430610
Mobile:        +353 87 2633035
E-mail:       info@windworks.ie
Address: 72 Beech Park, Lucan, Dublin

Telephone:  +44 203 1514104
Fax:             +44 203 3690610
E-mail:    london@windworks.ie

Telephone:  +44 1224 516 086
Fax:             +44 1224 516 096
E-mail: Aberdeen@windworks.ie

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Experience and equipment to install cables both big and small in all environments. Experience from Windfarms, Rail and to Offshore Oil & Gas to name a few! Packages can be put together with equipment & personnel for the most challenging cabling environments and installations. BOSIET OGUK

Recent Project Involvement:
Woodhouse Windfarm
Dunmore Windfarm
Carrickeeny Windfarm
Altahullion Windfarm
Offshore Brae Alpha Drag Chain Cable Installation
Brae Alpha Oil Rig Cable Consultancy
Athea Windfarm
Glenconway Wind Farm
Lisheen Mines Wind Farm
Dublin Airport MV Cables
Accenture Ireland
Knockaneden Wind Farm
Garracummer Wind Farm
Carrowleagh Wind Farm
Portan 400kv Substation
ABB Interconnect DC Station
Midlands Prison
Luas Green Line Traction Cable Jointing
Irish Distillers Cork
M50 Camera's & Signage
Maynooth Collage MV upgrade
Irish Times
Ballymartin Windfarm
Pocket Kings
Murphystown Road 38kv Duct Proving
Keelings MV Upgrade
Cauteen 110kv Sub Station
Grouselodge Windfarm
Glenough Windfarm
Dublin Zoo LV Upgrade
Luas Red Line Traction Cable Upgrade
Inchicore 38kv Substation
Keelings 10kv Cable Upgrade
Amazon Data Centers 20kv Cable
Heuston 110kv Substation
Dunneill 20kv Gridline Connect

Knockaneden Wind Farm is Mainstream Renewable Power newest Irish windfarm. We are proud to announce that we have completed the MV & fibre optic cable installations on this project in Cahersiveen Co Kerry.

Garracummer Wind Farm is a total of 17 turbines in Tipperary installed for Board Gas. We have completed over 35kms of MV cable plus fibre optics in pre installed ducts.

Carrowleagh Wind Farm has seen the successful fibre optic cable installation.

Portan 400kv Substation is ESB gateway onto the UK network. We have installed over 10kms of control cable through this station.

ABB Interconnect DC Station located beside woodlands ESB station is the control hub for the East West interconnector. We have installed over 40kms of cable on this project.

Midlands Prison saw the installation of 500mtr lengths of 240sq 4 core cable installed in one length underground pipe to accommodate a new kitchen facility.

Irish Distillers Cork installation of numerous MV and 400v cables throughout the site.

M50 Camera's & Signage installation of lengths of cabling along the M50 to facilitate new signage and speed camera’s!

Ballymartin Windfarm is Bord Gas Energy’s newest Irish windfarm. We are proud to announce that we have completed the MV & fibre optic cable installations on this project in Co Kilkenny.

Cauteen 110kv Sub Station installation of site 38kv cables.

Grouselodge Windfarm installation of 400v offloaders throughout the site.

Glenough Windfarm installation of MV cabling and 400v off loaders throughout the site.

Heuston 110kv Substation installation of site 110kv and 20kv cabling.

Dunneill 20kv Gridline Connect installation of 5kms of 3x630sq gridline through farmland @ 20kv.

Luas Red Line Upgrade - Installation, Jointing & Testing of over 20kms of 1000v DC power cable at night incorporating strict shutdowns of the main track. All cables 240sq Copper installed in existing ducts leaving trams running following morning.

Coomacheo Windfarm - Millstreet in Cork saw the cabling of the installation of 20kv and fibre optic cables of the latest Aertricity wind farm. We installed the main 20kv feed cables down the site. 630sq Alu A2XS(FL)2Y12/20kV were pulled through preinstalled ducts allowing civils contractors to keep the main road open.

Tournafulla Wind Farm on the south Limerick border saw the cabling of the 20kv and fibre optic of the latest Aertricity wind farm. Totalling 13 extra 1.5mw turbines, the installation of another 35km of cable through a 4 mile distance across the mountains. Again with a quick installation time allowed our client make up time lost by the Irish weather.

Cuisine De France in Dublin was the installation of one of the biggest private ring main in the country. 3x1x240sq N2SXY Cu cable were installed in 3 sections totalling 1400mts around the site, again in ducting enabling a quick get in and out for our client who required a power on milestone. One section of the installation was over 770 mts long changing 180 degs in direction. In total 4200 of MV cable was installed.

Servier in Arklow was the installation of a 500mtr length of 4x240sq SWA & Earth in one piece. We pulled this cable through 2no 90deg bends for an Electrical Contractor to allow new connection on the site. The main contractor installed the ductwork as per our specifications prior to us attending site therefore allowing trenches to be back filled. We then brought all equipment to site and installed the cable in one piece. This is an example of many cables installed in this manner on this site.

ESB Substation - Sallins in Kildare. A new ESB substation extension we installed 3x400sq alu cables from an throughout the site from existing pole top terminations to new containerised 20kv switches. 38kv site and 20kv house trafo’s were also connected.

Dromada Windfarm – Athea in Limerick is the first 19 turbines in Airtricity flagship windfarm. We installed the main 20kv feed cables throughout the site. 630sq / 240sq / 120sq Alu A2XS(FL)2Y12/20kV were pulled through preinstalled ducts throughout the site. A total of 38km of 20kv cables and a further 12km of fibre optic’s were installed in a 5 week period.

ESB Substation - Mallow in Cork. As part of new ESB substation works we installed 3x400sq alu cables from an existing station to the new St Josephs 110kv station pulling cables 750mts down a public road. A total of 9km of 20kv cable and 2km of 38kv.

Arthurstown Dump – Kill in Kildare. With gas reclamation being big business, we installed the 38kv network for the new generators in Arthurstown dump. Gas is piped off the landfill site and piped into 8no 2mw gas generators. The electricity is then stepped up to 38kv and exported onto the grid.

Curragh Windfarm - Millstreet in Cork is an extension to the existing Airtricity windfarm adding a further 13.5mw of green power to the national grid. 630sq / 120sq Alu A2XS(FL)2Y12/20kV were pulled through preinstalled ducts throughout the site. 8km of 20kv cables and 5km of fibre optics were installed in 6 working days.

Tara Mines - Navan in Meath. With the addition of a new 110kv substation brought on the new cabling of the 20kv site network. 3x240sq cu/swa cables were installed in precast trenches and ducting. Drums weighing up to 10 tonnes were transported around site and then installed using winches and cable pushers.

Windworks is a registered trade name of Powell Management & Engineering Services Ltd.