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Telephone:  +353 1 5290104
Fax:             +353 1 4430610
Mobile:        +353 87 2633035
Address: 72 Beech Park, Lucan, Dublin

Telephone:  +44 203 1514104
Fax:             +44 203 3690610

Telephone:  +44 1224 516 086
Fax:             +44 1224 516 096

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Windworks is a specialist cable installation contractor. We can provide you with an overview of our product services, experience and capabilities with cabling equipment in Ireland, Europe and beyond. The range of services offered is wide and diverse and we therefore encourage you to make direct contact with us to discuss your requirements in greater detail. We will be happy to advise and assist you and provide full technical support in the design and installation of your project. Equipment suitable and bespoke for the offshore oil and gas industry. Air powered cable feeders and pushers. Bespoke rollers and systems to install cables with the minimum of man power where labour and bed space are at a premium.

Equipment and personnel can be dispatched worldwide for Oil Rig, offshore, underground cable transmission projects for both long and short durations. One off cable pulls can be accommodated. Cable Pulling, Cable Installation, Cable Feeding, Cable Pushing.

Specialist Cable Installers of HV, MV & LV Cables
Cable Crews & Equipment dispatched worldwide
Cable Jointing, Testing & Terminating
Cable Trailer Hire
Cable Winch & Operator Available
Cable Pushers
Cable Drum Drives
Experienced personnel installing cable ranging to 1000sq cables
380v, 6.6kv, 10kv, 20kv, 38kv, 110kv, 220kv
415v, 6.6kv, 11kv, 22kv, 33kv, 38kv, 132kv

Cables pushers, Atex Cable feeders, Cable pushers, Atex Winches & Cable Haulers

Windworks is a registered trade name of Powell Management & Engineering Services Ltd.